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4th December 2017
Working alongside professional coaches, LinkCoach has just completed its version 1 offering of the Player Profiler, enabling coaches to quickly evaluate players in a clear and concise manner, using pre-defined wording and categories the coach can profile a player in minutes using their mobile device, store it to the LinkCoach platform and edit it later before forwarding on to the player. In addition, players can now download the LinkCoach player version of the app, enabling them to easily view their programs and assessments.
Look out for the newest Android app versions coming soon.
21st October 2017
This service is based on a Masters Thesis and published book “Determining the Effectiveness of Web Based Learning in Sport”. It was proven that elearning in academia could be replicated in the physical world. The sport chosen for the experiment was Tennis and in a 4 week period an average improvement of 39% was found in players using this system and having on-court training and an average improvement of 30% was found in players who only used the app to communicate with their coach electronically with no on-court training.